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August 10, 2004



Wow! What a story. I've always felt that women's birth stories are always so powerful and fascinating. Along the lines of men's war stories I guess! Yours is sort of an interesting combination of both.


Hi Haddas,
He is a ray of light, as are you.

That is an extraordinary birth story. My own impression of birthing is one of simultaneous implosion and expansion. Its like we carve the gateway for this new soul and the univierse comes swooshing in. Your story echos that in some way. The outer world was forever changed by the events of 9/11. One minute peace and the next, the manifestation of fear. In the more subtle world there you were, one woman with one man bringing in a LIFE. It's very beautiful.


Idan Gazit

Wow. I was sleeping in an early-morning math class at NYU at the time -- this sounds like a much more fulfilling story.

They didn't take you in a wheelchair or something? I'm surprised you had to walk...


oh my. This story is inspiring. I feel bad that you had to walk but sometimes it helps the contractions calm down a little. Birth is an amazing thing. Congratulations


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