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December 31, 2004



Nimrod just called and shared the news.
I'm soory it came out like this but i'll try and have a word with larry. I truly belive this will all turn out for the best.
Have a great year (i feel like you need to say "to infinety and beyond")!


Thanks, bro,
I find all this unbelievable, with the timing and all. One has all the luck in the world, so one thinks, and then the luck goddess turns her back, and he discovers that all this time, he actually was extremely unlucky…
I do hope that things will turn out for the best.


hadas,uri & daniel
i can't belive it...i just tried to call you a few minutes ago and got someone named jaime's voicemail, are you still at the number you gave me? 4164616748?
and i thought our story was prety amazing...i just hope you won't end up like us for your sake that is, because i won't denay we will be very happy to have you back....
anyway i hope things will work out, have a wonderful year, and thanks to daniel for the moose from amity(he was sure daniel will turn up at the gan the next morning and give it to him.
talk/write to us soon with good news


Yes, you better believe it…I thought your story was unique as well. I had no idea we will outdo you…
This is our number, let’s try and talk soon. I do need an expert’s advice… I’ll call Sharon too. hope to see you soon...Hadas

Georgy Rock

You are brave.

Your work is wonderful and I am grateful you share. (I am enjoying your site.)

I believe with all my heart your story is going to turn out so super – you won’t be able to contain your joy at having set out on such a big adventure.

All Best to You & Your Family in this New Year.
(Praying for you)


Thanks, Georgy. Your kind words warmed my heart.


oh dear,
so is that the "photo of the year"? sckelaton of giant fantasy? hope that the sunflower takes over!

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