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December 15, 2004



So good to hear you and see a picture... i was looking for your first words from Canada and hear thay are.
Neshikot H



Nice to see you online again...did you know that searching google for "girl in the bubble" bring this site as second link?

The new neighbors are very nice and we collected all the toys we could find (including an organ and a sax!), thanks...

will keep watching :)

Ofer, Efrat, Adar and Belle

Ronny Leviner


Glad to hear that you arrived safely and decided to buy warm clothes for Daniel - take good care of him and of yourselves,




Hi there,
Good to see you had a soft landing.
Has daniel adopted the famous local manners allready or is he still running from one end of the rome to the other singing "noma noma yei"?
Did you buy ktina somthing to wear as well (you promised)?
waiting to hear from you


far away, so close! I'm so mooved 2 hear from you. What a beatifull street, "your" st.! About me, I celebrated the getting intensed whinter by frying socks and some SVEDERIM over the radiatore, slept alot (took one day off), drank tae and read a little: "Joseph and his bro" by Mann. I'm planning to write a contra novel, based on me, my oun expiriance and japordies I've been through: Joseph and his SISTERS. Bur don't tell anyone, I'm sure it's gonna be a smash hit in Brodway!
Can't wait to see you again!
lots of love and kisses


How are you? We miss you lots, especially
Amity and me! Your street looks lovely, and I love Daniel's photo.
If the Canadians are nice, does it mean you're staying there?
Keep having fun and enjoy Christmas! Lots of love from me and everyone at "Gan".



Hi Sharon. So good to hear from you. We miss you guys lots as well. Daniel keeps saying about the toys he gets: “I will take them to nursery tomorrow”. We might have found a place for him, only that there’s only one (!) rabbit there and its locked in a cage. Daniel said: “it’s not nice to lock a rabbit in a cage”. Hope to see you soon! ;)

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