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April 12, 2005



North American? I think you are a citizen of the world. I enjoy stopping by for a visit every once in a while. Thank you for sharing with all of us. I look forward to every one of your adventures - waiting for a couch - now swimming your laps. You always give me new things to think about - and another person to care about. I enjoy cheering you on through all the stories you share. Brilliant Day to You! Georgy


I have to say i feel the spring in your bloud - thats gooooood

but i think you are wrong i do not like your abonding asay and i would never like to have an north america life like it !
Hope you will engoy it with what ever it has to give for the good parts as the bad parts


Which part do you think you won’t be able to live without? The guns or the violence? The war or the taxis?
All I was trying to say was that living a normal life (because I do think that life in Israel is all BUT normal) with no war in the background (and yes, I do know how we all worked hard to suppress it and pretend it does not exist), is wonderful. One feel so light-headed and free; with no existential qualms and the cooking-pot reality resulted by those specific circumstances. And this is not New York, that I share your feelings about life there, but Toronto, which is much more friendly and laid back. But again, each is entitled to make his own choices, of course. It was nothing but a friendly suggestion. And it would be great to have everyone here :)

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