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May 27, 2005


Golda b.

In a city like Toronto, or NY, transitory cities for many people, it is quite common to make friends and loose them after a few years. It's a hard thing to get used to if you are the one who stays, because one of the things that makes you feel established is a nice friend. When they leave you feel left behind. When a good friend (relatively new) heard about our thoughts of maybe one day in the far future going back to Israel she was shocked and worried, she said she wouldn't be able to bear another loss if indeed we leave. and my point is? just sharing thoughts...


if ny and toronto are the only transatory places for transatory frienships, so as well as I, live in the same nighbourhood.
(or that what they mean when they ny state of mind?)
i do agree as friendship as relationship are temporal just as life itself. AND THAT WHAT MAKES ALL OF THE ABOVE SO PRESCIUOS: not being itternal. as u say, even homeland is transatory, as long as it is carried in the self, being detouched from a teritory, being remodeled. btw, I met sweet antkus at the street, I hardly recognised her at third :) glance... not she has changed, not it wasn't pleasure meating her: I just compleetly lost the knowtion of her as a leaving person, rather than a memory.


But we will be friends forever, won't we darling? Soon it will be 9 years! And my love didn't fade during all these years. Not one little bit :) miss ya.


dear! I'm glad our 9th year affair grows trans atlantic. reasured of your love, I still think we have some time left...

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