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May 21, 2005


Golda b.

reminds me somehow of the lonely figures in the movie midnight cowboy (I think, havign a senile moment) with Jon Voyt and Al Pachinom (probably misspelling everything and maybe the wrong names too, forgive me if I do) the flashing lights only highlighting the pitiful existence.


Ok this has nothing to do with this post but i was reading a entry from last april.You said you loved life in canada and that its normal not like in israel.But there was one thing you said that it would be great to have everyone here.What did you mean that all israelis should go to canada.Not saying your wrong but im just very curious


Nope, only my family and friends, whom I miss so much.


Honest Ed became my best friend when I moved back to TO in 2002, for 2 years.I lived just down the street, and filled my little apt. with his help. ;)
I'm now back in Israel doing the opposite of you, geographically speaking ... The pic brings nostalgia ...


well, that's where I live, just across the street from Honest Edds. And where do you live in Israel? I wander if it’s my old neighborhood, in the heart of Tel Aviv. Anything in particular you want me to say hi to? :)
Aren't you lucky! ever since I got to see Lisa's site yesterday I've became terribly home-sick.

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