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May 26, 2005



How well I know what you mean -- but I have a daughter and this must be worse, because I constantly overlay my own experiences on what she's going through and imagine she perceives it the same way. She's beginning to call me on it, as if to say, "Mom, I DO NOT see things the way you do; quit interpreting my life for me." But we do. How can we not? It's like looking in the mirror.

Golda b.

a friend who's a father too once said: my heart breaks when I think of all the sad things this boy wil have to endure in his life, I wish I could shield him somehow.
But really, when I think of the hard emotional tribulations they (and we) go through, that's how they form their personalities. We have to let them experience it all. and cry with them if that's what they need...


Thanks, darling, good to hear you voice again. But still, it's hard. And wouldn't they form a personality if they didn't suffer?

Golda b.

hard to tell, because this option is not available to us humans at the moment...


Melissa has no eyes. first. seckond:
about not being self contained: as I view my self, I'm THREE thirty, and not the opposite. childhood aches are here to stay. the more we grow versus (just getting older), we can contain these griefes better. I hope ...

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