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July 12, 2005


Gloda B.

It's a very good question. Where do you think was he?


I think so too (that it’s a very good question). In the blood cells of the people in the photo? In their genes, wherever that is (we should ask your scientist husband about), in their books, written by fate? Maybe if we look closely into their eyes? That’s the mystical quality of the photograph: past, present and future merge into one.


remaindes me that sometimes, talking about the past, my parents (or elders of a different kind) said "before you (I) where even taken in consideration". was I taken in consideration, before I was born? And afterwords .....
the simple mater is so simple it can't be fully grasped. therefor it so inspiring. I think I'll read that (mater)piece :)to the rasidents of the hostel I work in. do you mind?


On the contrary, dear, I would be honored.

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