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January 08, 2006



You have a very nice blog. Good pics.

Roberto Bobrow

Hadas: I came from Patricia's BookLust blog and took some time to explore your posts. I'm glad to discover a young, accomplished professional Israeli that refuses to abate her humanitarian conciousness while struggling for a bit of fresh air.
I mean, you are not alone. There are many jews around the Globe that feels tired of condoning every arbitrary step from any Israeli government on behalf of a bunch of fundamentalist colonists. As if Palestinians where just some old furniture you can throw out when it places to you.
I'm an Argentinean rised into the Hashomer Hatsair ranks. I lived in Israel between 1978 to 1980, one year in the Jerusalem University, then in Tel-aviv, where I started drawing caricatures for Maariv and Davar (now defunct) newspapers. I was active in the Peace camp (then named Mahaneh Sheli, before Peace Now). Our "bubble" was a small one but yet, there have been many changes since then.
I hope Sharon's departure from Israeli politics -in a time when "normal" life allows Israelis to conduct "business as usual"- will lean the voters towards a more clear settlement with the Palestinian Authority far from the usual deceits.
We know disengagement from Gaza was not aimed to a real Peace settlement, but maybe after Sharon, the line he crossed (the withdrawal from established jewish colonies for the first time) will make easier for the general public to swallow another steps back from the West Bank. Don't you think so?

Best wishes from a damn hot Buenos Aires.
Roberto (Bob Row) Bobrow

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