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January 01, 2006



Happy New Year.
I just want to let you know I am still reading - hungry for what you have to share with us - Thank you, thank you.
All Best to You!

Gloda B.

You have decided to return??? as a resident? as a tourist? please illuminate a little.


Thanks Georgy, happy new year to you too!!

BG - hmmmmmmmm, as an immigrant? or maybe a pioneer? I can dry the hula swamp - I heard it was flooded again...


Yes, Hadas, illuminate! Aren't you coming back to Toronto???


There’s a saying in Yiddish, that goes somewhat like this: “man makes plans, and god laughs”. I will therefore carefully say, that I plan to go back in two years. It feels so warm here, in every imaginable way. On the other hand, Toronto feels very cold (except for a few glowing spots of warmth, like yourself, my dear).


Perhaps you could place me in your Toronto living room, like a portable heater! No extra cost on the heating bill!

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