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March 22, 2006



Oh Hadas, I wasn't talking about you! I was referring to a friend of mine who can write pages on getting up in the morning or looking into a mirror. I'll give you the link sometime, so you can see for yourself.

When I told Karen I enjoyed your blog particularly for the photos, I wasn't suggesting that was all I enjoyed. Your posts are always articulate and intriguing, casting light for me on how it feels to be transplanted from a vibrant hotzone to my calm and not-always-welcoming city. I was simply defending the blogosphere from the hard-headed perspective of a reporter for the Wall Street Journal, and I knew I was on safe ground with your photos. You are, after all, a photographer.

As for self-absorption, I've long been a master of it. In fact, one of the reasons I decided to become a mother was to prevent myself disappearing into a bottomless whirlpool of self. And I'm not at all sure I've succeeded. So relax - you're in good company.

- Janet


No offence taken, my dear, non whatsoever. I enjoyed your comment thoroughly, though. Every once in a while I read/hear this VERY true perception of the blogger (as Matthew Forsythe expressed quite eloquently in his blog Coming up for air: “Most blogs, it seems are written by people who are passionately interested in one thing above all others - themselves. Ahem: "I woke up this morning to find I was out of corn flakes. I hate when I run out of corn flakes. That means I am forced to eat bran flakes. Please paypal me a donation so this never happens again. Oh and here's a photo of my foot.”), And find myself engrossed in deep thought.

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