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October 16, 2006



But the picture is lovely.


Great priorities.
I hope i handle things as well.
You communicate that life is important.
That's beautiful.


Thanks, Golda. I like it too. This little camera of mine doesn’t seize to surprise me. Georgy, I’m not sure what I’m trying to say. The phrases, or words that I felt I needed to “explain” don’t exist in Hebrew. The cultures are so very different and this conversation does a lot to show the differences, but, alas, someone who doesn’t know the Israeli culture might find it hard to understand. Time here in North America is very scheduled and regulated, while in Israel it is “zorem” meaning flowing – people hardly schedule things ahead of time but rather act on a whim, go with the flow, using their cell phones to make plans instantly from one moment to the next. Not visiting a person in order to deliver a present isn’t done, and this whole encounter with “dropping off” a present is a new concept for me, just as the “Play-Date” was – again, this term doesn’t exist in Hebrew. In Israel kids play together all the time, mostly outside due to the sunny weather, and meeting and playing with other kids isn’t considered as part of their “programming” or “scheduling” as it is over here . Another contrast between the cultures that comes up from this conversation is that in North America a lot of emphasis is being put on the appearance of things. In no way do I mean to say one is better than the other. Rather one feels out of sync – unable to communicate. The constant malaise of the stranger.


The post these comments relate to was removed. For those who remember the post I wish to comment that CM made it after all. Which comes to show you that with a little bit of patience and hope everything turns out for the best in this world which is the best of all possible worlds :)

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