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November 21, 2006





and what a pretty princess!!
signed: Prince Charming


My heavens what beautiful child you were, and what lovely photograph and post.

I'm so jealous...I was such an ugly duck as a kid.


It IS a beautiful photograph, storms, taken by my multitalented father. I don’t remember myself as being pretty, though, rather a clumsy and awkward child. Tom-boys were the fashion in those days, and I couldn’t climb trees, sucked at football (terrified from the ball – still am) and even in dance classes – moved like a little elephant amongst the delicate ballerinas.


Yes, your father was very talented.

But you were (and still are!) lovely. Those big black eyes, that black mane of hair. Just stunning. So what if you couldn't climb trees? (Though that is a shame, 'cuz I loved doing that as a kid).

So what would happen if I threw a ball of mice at you?


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