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January 08, 2007


golda b

There was an article about her in the Saturday Globe this week. Want me to keep it for you?


There was a movie about her on TV. She's amazing. Almost as if she got out of a Dvora Omer book ;)


Thank You!
I did not know about this - it's an important story to share.

I hope you are well and happy,


I read that article in the Globe, too, and immediately thought of you, my dear, and wondered what your thoughts were on the matter.

Hope life is treating you well...


There’s a big interview with her in Haaretz (a popular Israeli newspaper) magazine this weekend. Turns out I’m not her only fan. They write she became an instant “political celeb” in Tel Aviv and describe the warm adoration she receives everywhere she goes. The left hugs me because they know they could become the next Tali Fahima, she says in the interview, “that here lies the real danger for Israel’s society and democracy”.

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