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April 26, 2007



I guess you've never heard that common North American poem:

"April showers bring May flowers".

Yup! This is all part of the glorious season known as Spring. Sometimes sunny, sometimes rainy and gloomy and muddy, always delightful (if you're crazy like me, that is!)


Ah! Such a refreshing wave of positivity. And reassurance. Just what this blog needed. Thank you Storms.


It's bound to get nicer out- it's been between 19 and 25C in Winnipeg so I'll send some good weather vibes your way!


Saturday morning, and the feh goes on...the grayness so much puts me down - I think I'm actually a flower, and not a human, as it might appear at first glance. I need the sun. Badly. Thanks so much Shirli, blow hard...send me the sun,perhaps Fedex could help? Anyways - I thought Winnipeg was much colder than Toronto??


The "Winnipeg is like Siberia cold" is a big myth! It gets just as cold in Toronto, and Toronto gets much more snow. Our winter usually just lasts a few weeks longer.And I'm blowing the good weather your way as we speak! :)

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