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April 19, 2007



I love your "lasts" project!Before I made aliyah, everytime I used something for the last time, I would announce, this is the last(something)I'm using in Canada.It made getting there seem that much faster somehow.


Thank Shirli.I do hope the less than three months would past fast: spring finally came, which makes life much more tolerable, to begin with,and than there's the excitement in the air, and the butterflies in the tummy...I somehow have a feeling the less than three months will pass much faster than the OMG it's been ONLY three months since we came back from our visit to Israel?!?! it seems like an eternity!
I hope the project will help too :) and that it won't look too much like a grocery list.


What a fantastic idea,the "lasts" project...it reminds me of all of my lasts in the States as I was getting ready to move back to Israel and.
Take it easy you three.
xxooxxoo shlo.


Hi honey! I'm SO excited! I just can't hide it :)

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