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April 14, 2007



I think today's post is an aswer to your question of why nobody wants to comment here. I must say I am sorry to see this, I've been reading your blog for a while now and have always enjoyed it. But your refusal to see how fantastic this country is is hard to accept. I hope you will change your mind one day.
K., an adopted Canadian


I wonder too - if my mind will be changed one day. I didn't mean to be negative, though: only positive - Montreal is fantastic (in the summer - one must add) and so is Arcade Fire. I am glad for you, though, that you found your place and adore it in that way.


I meant everything good, and not anything. And after realizing it I corrected it and now hope it turned to be positive, as I wished it to be.


Try "The Rex" on Queen St. West, near University Ave. It's a good place to hangout if you like jazz. Also I like Toronto Jazz Festival better than Montreal's
I was in the same position as you few years ago, and I hated Toronto (except of jazz). I was tempted to return to Israel, but wanted to try California, as the center of IT industry (Israel is another center). I stayed till I've got a citizenship, then left few weeks after. Now I'm happy in San Francisco Bay Area. It feel so much the same as Israel!
Bottomline, I don't understand people who immigrate from Israel to Canada, especially if they work in IT.


Hey Uri, thanks for your comment. I know The Rex - and like it a lot. I agree with everything you said (my husband is an IT professional and his employers keep imploring him to move to California to their head office) and came to a decision not to wait for my citizenship. I realized Life is too precious to be wasted on waiting. Only now my main wish is to settle down back in Israel, close to my family and friends.


this post is sooooo 2000-1


Brother: you read my mind! I was writing the post above when I found your comment :) Thanks - I needed a title.


hello again Hadas,
i've just read the new post and comments here after a brief absence and i am glad you have reached a decision. i find the 'limbo' period during my early years as an immigrant was indeed the hardest. as it turns out the fact that i had no option of returning to the country of my birth was a good thing for me. but it did take a very long time to realize that and to learn to love my adoptive home. but i agree with you that life is too short for one to stay separated from ones family and friends!
i hope everything works out great for you and your family. hopefully you will continue to post here and treat us to your photos of Tel Aviv (which, incidentally is one of my favourite places on earth;)
all the best,

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