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June 04, 2007



that is very interesting. i found Hoffman's book a little too close to home;)


I'm so glad I'm reading it now, before leaving. It's the perfect farewell book. Makes me feel strong and assured. Reading the first part (paradise) made me realize how close I am to the Polish culture (my grandparents immigrated from Poland to Israel), or maybe it's the Israeli culture that is close to the Polish one, I'm not sure. The intense emotions (I too gesture to my heart), the intensity of life and relationships, the way of communication (that makes the North American one seem dull and unrewarding), everything she described, in short, seemed so familiar. It was fun also to read someone who's opinions on Canada were so similar to mine.


ha! i say, HA! i knew it:) i lived in Israel for over a year (after moving to Canada) and was the only Canadian/North American national on Hebrew U. campus who did not experience culture shock. Interesting, no? Even though I do love my adopted country now I also really do know what you mean re: wearing one's heart on one's sleeve and the Anglo-Saxon reserve. That is probably also why I was saddened by your unhappiness here...I so want everyone to enjoy here as much as I do. As to Hoffman's book, it touched a nerve that was still too raw at the time, I found the book terribly depressing. Unfortunately, what she said about growing/assimilating into a language and culture as a process stretching decades is too true for too many people. Ultimately what made the difference for me were the friendships which came, finally, when I started grad school.
hope you have a wonderful homecoming,
don't stop blogging!

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