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October 01, 2007



Mazal tof




Beautiful view! Must be so nice sipping coffee in the mornings or watching the sunset at dusk.

And is that a comfy couch I see??


Unfortunately, storms my dear, I have not come to the end of my journey yet and this house is the second sublet we had to take since we got back - 'till the renovation of our new house will come to an end. Unfortunately indeed, because the house is gorgeous, and is located in what I think is the best neighborhood in the city (Neve Tzedek). It's a holiday here and there's no school. Every day I take Daniel to the beach - a mere 10 minutes' walk from our home. Today the water was so clear and warm - Daniel tried to catch the little fishes with his bare hands. Our former sublet was extremely lacking in aesthetics and my mind had no peace.

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