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January 26, 2008



Beauty! reminds me of the other pink one from here.


Thanks, BG. Nowadays I only buy buttercups - it's my favorite flower. A bunch costs 2$(!) at the Carmel Market and they're so pretty! They literally take my breath away when I look at them. I'm gonna be selling my pics at the old port - wish me luck! Oh, and one last thing: I've been trying to comment on your site for a while now, but blogger refuses to let me do it. Bad blogger. Bad.


Refuse to let you comment? I'll check and see what's up.
I didn't know these are buttercups. Here they look different.They are stunning.
Which pictures are you showing? Good luck with it, I hope you sell lots.


I commented on my own and it works, so not sure what's the prob.


Just glorious.


I haven't been to visit is way too long.
My only excuse is homework.
I am so grateful you have continued to post. Even though we have never met - I feel as if we are friends - and it's nice to stop by for a little visit.

All Best to You!@

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