> Species of Spaces


"Things worth doing, occasionally, methodologically
In a building you inhabit:
To visit the neighbors; to see what is found on the mutual wall between us and them, for example; to check, or refute, the homothopy of accommodation. To check how we get to use it to our own advantage; to find out that something, similar in some way to strangeness, can occur if we climb up the steps of entrance B instead of climbing the stairs of entrance A. Or if we climb to the fifth floor while we live on the second floor; to try and imagine, in the frame of the building itself, a foundation of a cooperative life…"

George Perec: Species of Spaces and other Pieces.

Our apartment building used to belong to Uri’s grandparents who bought it after fleeting Berlin in 1938. His mother grew up in it. I came into the building in 1991 and since then inhabited three different flats in it. I’ve heard many stories about the building and its inhabitants. I’ve decided to follow Perec’s advice and decided to explore the building’s current inhabitants;
Tzafrir, on the entrance floor, is an architect studying for his Master’s degree. I took this photo right before his departure for a month and a half in Düsseldorf where he recieved a scholarship of some sorts. He likes the building but suffers from his neighbors upstairs who make so much noise with their two dogs and two children and also when the door to the building shuts it shutters his windows and can you perhaps do something about that too? He lives in a space that used to be the heating room, and afterwards was Uri’s mother ceramics studio and is now, after we renovated it this June, a small and lovely studio.